imogen S.

“Introduction to Tools was awesome and I highly recommend it, even if you think you know your tools. In addition to covering the broad strokes of what it means to engage with a workshop, Stephanie has a deep knowledge of the trade and many years of experience to draw on, from which a hundred hard-earned details get distilled for you, the lucky grasshopper. A natural teacher, she is able to break down and introduce concepts and techniques succinctly and comprehensively. Coupled with her great sense of humor, her lessons are also memorable, despite being so full. Stephanie creates a super welcoming environment filled with rad ladies and quick friendships. I found this class wonderfully empowering and recommend it to all.”

Jodi P.

“Power tools can be intimidating not only in their strength but in the surrounding boys club they are usually found in.  I was so excited to see Stephanie teaching a technique and tool workshop in an all women environment that I eagerly signed up right away.  In her class I learned how to use the table saw, miter saw and the chop saw.  I'm really excited to become proficient in tools, it has been a life long dream.  Thanks for making it easy to achieve Stephanie!”

Siobhan H.

“I took Steph's "I built it with my vagina" intro to a shop and shop tools course. She did a great job presenting an overview of working in a shop, what the risks are, shop etiquette, and an explanation of the basic tools. I'm glad she included a hands-on component so we could all try the power tools. She was patient and engaging--it was inspiring to see someone share her passion with us total beginners!”

“I had so much fun taking the Tools and Techniques class. I wanted to be comfortable around power tools, and now I am! Stephanie is a fabulous teacher. I felt completely comfortable working the machines and had a blast doing it! I’d love to take another class sometime to put my new skills to use.”

Janine s.

Jamie M.

"Steph created a fun, hands on, informative class. I gained confidence in how to choose tools for a project and how to use them safely. She's got an easy going and super competent teaching style and met everyone where they're at. Would happily take any class she offers!"